Business Principles

Our Value Systems are represented by our strategic pillars,

Health, Safety, Sustainability & Environment (HSSE)

We are committed to the highest HSSE standards with sustainability as core at our operations, in line with International standards

Quality & Technology

We are committed to adhere to the best in class quality standards & bring in the latest technologies to develop our assets. We take pride in implementing new technology first in the Indian subcontinent

Ethics & Governance

We are committed to the highest standards of Ethics and Governance & comply to the law of the land and strictly comply with Anti Bribery & Corruption Laws


We believe in contributing to the betterment of the communities where we operate and society at large. We believe that as a resource company we need to earn "the licence to operate" from the communities

Human Resources

Hire people with drive and a desire to grow and who remain committed to our vision and core business values & principles. We welcome disruptors & technology enthusiasts in the E&P space