About Antelopus Energy

Antelopus Energy Private Limited is a newly formed India-focused Exploration & Production company. Along with its fully owned subsidiary "Arch Softwares Private Limited" we are focused on monetizing discovered and stranded resources in the Indian Subcontinent.

The management consists of individuals with deep “India” experience and have 140+ years of collective of E&P experience with 30+ years in senior management roles.
The Core Expertise of the team lies in Value creation through reservoir management, leveraging technology deployment (like Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery), operational efficiency and speed of execution. The current team is credited with leading a major private Indian E&P players’ production and resource growth, currently contributing to 25% of India's domestic Oil production.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading player in the E&P sector in India.
We aim to develop of Hydrocarbon assets with the innovative technology & leverage our deep expertise in
operational excellence and speed of execution to unlock the hydrocarbon potential.
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Why India E&P Focus?

  • India accounts for over 5% of global oil demand, but produces less than 1% of global oil supply
  • India is undergoing significant reforms in the oil and gas sector, with the overarching national strategic priority to increase domestic production and decrease the country’s high dependence on oil imports
  • Array of initiatives and reforms to simplify licensing & ease of doing business will bring new technology and boost private sector investment in the sector which would lead to multifold growth in production in the coming years
  • Strong “India Focused” management team and with proven track record of successfully delivering technology intensive projects, we have necessary growth catalysts to achieve great heights